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economic space

Reproduction Process As Method of Realization of Economic Independence of Regions of Russia

The mechanism of regional reproduction, carried out economic the independent regions of Russia, is expounded in the article. Objectivity of its existence is proved in the conditions of market economy. The features of regional reproduction and its likeness are showed with reproduction at the level of other managing subjects.

Regional Economy as Economic System of the Country

The article gives a general description of the region as a unity of aggregate economic agents and economic system within the national economy. Consider its systemic features, particularly the reproductive process, in common with the national economy and specificity of economic processes.

Regional and sectoral economy of technological sovereignty of Russia

Introduction. The current state of economic development is due to a long period of spatial infrastructure formation, which is the basis for the formation of a state policy actual concept in its priority areas. The socio-economic strategy of the Russian Federation is currently, for objective reasons, associated with the implementation of the import substitution program.

Economic Space Density as a Measure of Territory Potential’s Effective Use

Introduction. In the territory of modern Russia there is a compression of economic space to places of concentration that testifies the decrease of potential development opportunities of separate territories, the degree of their inclusion in economic activity, the efficiency of the territory resources use. Theoretical analysis. The understanding of the current trend in modern Russia is based on the concept of J.

Teoretical and Metodological Approaches to Research of Social and Economical Spatial Heterogeneity in the Region

The research problems of intra regional heterogeneity of social and economic development are discussed in this article. Existing theoretical and methodological approaches to definition of regional economic space are generalized. The key role of municipalities in smoothing of spatial heterogeneity of social and economical regional development is designated.

Regional Development in a Context of Reproductive Approach

In article the general characteristic of regional reproduction is given, its distinctive features and a place in system of public reproduction are shown. It is proved that realization reproductive process at regional level corresponds to market principles of the organization of the economy, expressed in an effective utilization of economic potential of national economy of Russia.