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Comparative statistical analysis of industrial development in post-Soviet countries for the period 1990–2021

Introduction. Despite the transition of economic systems to a digital economy, today industry is a driver of the development of the economy of any country, and accordingly, consideration of the development peculiarities of this sphere in post-Soviet countries is of scientific interest. Hence, the purpose of the study is to analyze the industry development dynamics in the post-Soviet countries in the period of 1990–2021. Materials and methods.

Mathematical Modeling of the Russian e-Commerce Market Economic Conditions

Introduction. Since the end of the XX century, the concept of digital economy comprises the wide application of digital technology in different spheres of economy. Separate enterprises and whole economic branches transform the existing models of business processes, being oriented on modern means of communication. One of the most important factors influencing this process is the development of Internet technology. Theoretical analysis.

Analysis of Dynamics of Prices of Real Estate by Method of Geographically Weighted Regression

This article considers application of method of geographically weighted regression for analysis of dynamics of average price for square metre of real estate. Effectiveness of method of geographically weighted regression is illustrated in realistic empirical data.