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digital transformation

Legal regulation of the integration of the EAEU digital space

Introduction. In the whole world, all countries are involved to varying degrees in the process of digital transformation of the national economy. There is a global trend towards the use of the processes based on digital solutions. In addition, there are significant opportunities for the emergence of integration processes. Digital integration has an impact on international cooperation. The economic integration of countries becomes impossible without the digitalization of economic systems, legal frameworks, and technologies.

Digital divide in the local government system: Concept, criteria, ways to overcome it

Introduction. Since the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries, all areas of social management, including public management, have been seriously influenced by modern digital technologies, which, on the one hand, create new opportunities to increase the efficiency of management activities; on the other hand, they pose certain risks, potentially provoking digital inequality. The article presents an analysis of the prerequisites and causes of digital inequality in municipalities.

Digital economy formation and development at the regional level

Introduction. Researchers around the world are in search of new sources and drivers of economic development and growth. In this regard, digital economy is becoming one of the main internal factors stimulating the economic activity of the country and its regions. Therefore, its emergence, development and measurement are becoming a priority at present. Theoretical analysis.

Substantiation of the Balanced Approach to the Digitalization Process in the Aspect of Innovative Development of Domestic Enterprises

Introduction. One of the priority tasks for our country is to activate the innovative activity of domestic enterprises. The most important modern tool for increasing the activity of innovative development is digitalization. To achieve high efficiency of digital transformation processes in the context of innovation, it is necessary to determine the most promising option for implementing digitalization processes in order to activate and maintain a high level of efficiency in the development and implementation of innovations at domestic enterprises.

Forming a model for assessing economic security in conditions of digital transformations

Introduction. New economic conditions today are reflected in the development of the digital economy and determine the need to develop new methods of assessment, management, ways to attract specialists. In this article, an attempt was made to formulate a model for assessing economic security in the context of digital transformation, showing how the introduction of digital technologies contributes to the growth of real industry indicators and indicators and economic security.