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commercial banks

The impact of sanctions policy on Russian banking sector

Introduction. The banking sector is a key sector of the national economy and a growth factor, determining its efficiency and development prospects. Over the past year and a half, the national economy in general and the banking sector in particular have been adapting to the external negative impact of the sanctions policies of Western countries. Package sanctions were created on a regular basis and are used today to limit the development of the country in all areas. Theoretical analysis.

Risks of Commercial Banks: the Regional Aspect of the Example Saratov Region

Introduction. Modern Russian banking system is going through a difficult period of reform and global change. Status of the Russian banking system reflects the general state of the economy and the financial sector of the country and the world. It is characterized by low immunity to numerous, including systemic risk, low maneuverability in a high level of uncertainty. All these factors reduce the functional capacity of the Russian banking system as a whole. Theoretical analysis.

Organization of Regulatory Risk Management in Commercial Bank

Introduction. The absence of Russian corporate practice on the formation of a unified concept of internal control of commercial bank and methodological support of regulatory risk management process determines the relevance of the theory and methodology of approaches to the organization of internal control and management of regulatory risk in a business bank. Theoretical analysis.