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Necessity of Bank Risks Monitoring and its Role for the National Economy Development

The article is devoted to the problems of the bank risks monitoring in conditions of the contemporary economic crisis. The author distinguishes the problem issues in the modern bank risks monitoring, she also explains the key direction in increasing its effectiveness. The article shows the necessity of working out and realization of the complex bank risks monitoring system. There is given the analysis of the role of bank risks monitoring in the work of commercial banks during 2008–2009.

Hierarchical system of commercial banks ranking

Introduction. The main objective of the study is to develop economic and mathematical tools for constructing a rating barometer of Russian commercial banks according to the level of sustainability in a long term view using a hierarchical decision-making structure. Theoretical analysis. The method of commercial banks’ integral ranking is based on a system of hierarchical analysis. The methodology is based on ranking indicators and dividing them into subgroups.

Misseling as a modern tool of unfair sales of banking products and services in commercial banks

Introduction. Misseling has become a problem for commercial bank customers today. Misseling can be found both in large credit institutions and small banks. Formally, this is not a violation of the law, but, in fact, misleading of the client. In fact, there is a bank fraud when selling a banking product or service.