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Development of Innovative Business and its Clustering in the Conditions of Globalization

Introduction. Modern economy in the context of growing globalization needs in forming effective innovative mechanisms and functional models of innovation development. Theoretical analysis. Globalization as a process covering all areas of social development has a strong influence on innovation policy, until its strategic aims, directions and mechanisms of implementation. One of the challenges of globalization becomes an innovative development of States.

Clustering in the Training System

Introduction. The development of the digital economy has a mixed impact on the development of individual spheres of the economy. Technological innovations introduced into production and non-production spheres involve personnel changes and the use of highly skilled labor. However, the system interaction of industries, markets, and spheres in the present time is shown poorly, dysfunctions arise, especially between the training of labor resources and their actual application in the production process.

Modeling the dynamics of regional competitiveness risks

Introduction. To determine the strategic directions of regional development to increase competitiveness, it is necessary to rely on a systematic analysis of factors and risks, to use modern mathematical modeling tools. To construct dynamic models for assessing the risks of competitiveness, an approach based on the systems of Kolmogorov – Chapman diff erential equations for Markov processes is applied. Theoretical analysis.