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Korotina v. L. Financial Literacy of Citizens in the Russian Federation. Izv. Saratov Univ. (N. S.), Ser. Economics. Management. Law, 2016, vol. 16, iss. 4, pp. 385-?. DOI:


Financial Literacy of Citizens in the Russian Federation

Introduction. The relevance of the study confirmed a significant public attention, public institutions and individual households to the issue of financial literacy in Russia. To date, it continues to develop technologies to improve the financial literacy of the population. Theoretical analysis. The increase of financial literacy should be facilitated by the system of public policies for the development of financial education system, strengthening the protection of rights of consumers of financial services, increasing their accessibility for citizens. An indispensable condition for the implementation of this policy should be to create sustainable institutions at federal and regional level involved in the program of financial education and public awareness, building assessment system as the level of financial literacy of various categories of citizens and the effectiveness of those measures, which are aimed at its promotion. Empirical Analysis. Based on the analysis of public and private initiatives aimed at increasing the financial literacy of the allocated elements of a comprehensive system of financial education. Results. Analysis to identify possible ways to improve the financial literacy of the population to form a comprehensive model of financial education and awareness.


1. Strategiia deistvii v interesakh grazhdan starshego pokoleniia do 2025 goda. Utverzhdena rasporiazheniem Pravitel’stva RF ot 5 fevralia 2016 goda №164-r (The strategy for the benefi t of the citizens of the older generation to 2025. Approved by the Government on February 5, 2016 №164-p). Available at: media/fi les/PvwlIE5X5KwzFPuYtNAZf3aBz61bY5i.pdf (accessed 12 September 2016).

2. Proekt osnovnykh napravlenii razvitiia fi nansovogo rynka Rossiiskoi Federatsii na period 2016–2018 godov. Materialy zasedaniia Pravitel’stva RF ot 3 marta 2016 goda (Draft guidelines for the development of the Russian Federation of the fi nancial market for the period 2016–2018. Materials meeting of the Government of March 3, 2016). Available at: (accessed 12 September 2016).

3. O podgotovke Natsional’noi strategii povysheniia fi nansovoi gramotnosti (On the preparation of the National Strategy for improving fi nancial literacy). Available at: http://bujet. ru/article/ 280054.php/ (accessed 12 September 2016).

4. Vystuplenie S. Storchaka na Mezhdunarodnoi konferentsii «Voprosy fi nansovoi gramotnosti dlia studentov i molodezhi: mezhdunarodnyi i rossiiskii opyt», organizovannoi Tsentrom ekonomicheskikh i fi nansovykh issledovanii i razrabotok (TsEFIR) i Fondom Citi (Storchak S. speech at the International Conference «Problems of fi nancial literacy for students and youth: International and Russian Experience», organized by the Center for Economic and Financial Research (CEFIR) and the Foundation Citi). Available at: (accessed 12 September 2016).

5. Ob utverzhdenii Kontseptsii dolgosrochnogo sotsial'noekonomicheskogo razvitiia RF na period do 2020 g.: rasporiazhenie Pravitel'stva RF ot 17 noiabria 2008 g. № 1662-r (On Approval of the Concept of Long-Term Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation for the period till 2020. Decree of the RF Government of November 17, 2008 № 1662-r). ATP «Garant» [electronic resource].

6. Vserossiiskiy tsentr izucheniia obschestvennogo mneniia (All-Russia Opinion Research Center. Site). Available at: (accessed 12 September 2016).

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