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Katkova M. A., Titova Y. S. Digital Economy: Content and Development Trends. Izv. Saratov Univ., Economics. Management. Law, 2019, vol. 19, iss. 3, pp. 257-264. DOI:

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Digital Economy: Content and Development Trends

Introduction. The subject of the research is the basic properties and patterns of the digital economy development. Theoretical analysis. The methodology of the post-industrial and information society theory is used. It has been hypothesized that the digital economy is a new stage in the economy and society development. The structure of the information economy is revealed. New qualities of digital economy are defined, such as: the main type of product, transfer from goods production to service production, information-networking structure formation, change of proportions and destinations of investment assets, increase of creative work role, emergence of new management technologies, etc. Empirical analysis. The impact of digitalization on the activities of the state, enterprises and organizations, households and individuals is characterized. The features of the digital economy market relations development are substantiated. The influence of information and communication technologies and information resources on business functioning is shown. The growing activity of Russian enterprises and companies in the Internet is paid attention to. Trends and patterns of the digital economy development are revealed. The results can be applied in the development of concepts and programs aimed at accelerating the digital economy formation in Russia.


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