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ISSN 1994-2540 (Print)
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российская экономика

Theoretic-Methodological and Spiritual-Moral Problems Formations of Russian Economic Model

In this article the author considers the conditions of formations of the modern paradigm of the economical theory and economic mechanism, which are suitable to the development of Russian economic model.

Theoretical and Methodological Modelling Based on the Major Cycles Concept of by N. D. Kondratyev: Problem Statement

Interest in major cycles concept by N. D. Kondratyev has been lately linked with its applied usage for analysis and evaluation of the perspectives of economy’s crisis state of leading countries and world economy. Development of fundamental economic theory and formation of renewed educational courses by means of theoretical and methodological modeling can be carried out within the framework of major cycles paradigm by N. D. Kondratyev. Research methods.

Specifics of the Russian Model of the State Entrepreneurship

In different historical periods and in different countries the model of the state entrepreneurship has special, unique features, its own forms and methods of influence on the macroeconomic dynamics and socio-economic development. The study of the specific Russian model of the state entrepreneurship is necessary to implement a successful economic policy of the government in our country. Theoretical analysis.

Macro Trends and Threshold Changes of Modern Russian Economy

Methodological and theoretical aspects of threshold changes of macroeconomical dynamics in modern Russia are considered in the article.