Izvestiya of Saratov University.
ISSN 1994-2540 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1956 (Online)


Compensation of Distortions of Images of Traces on the Deformed Bullets for their Automated Comparison

Introduction. The purpose of work is: a research of ability of compensation of distortions caused by deformation of bullets. Theoretical analysis. In work examined bullets with deformation in the type of local annular expansion. This type of deformation is basis for compensation of complex distortions. Nodal point method selected for the evaluation of image distortion and compensation. Model experiment. Model of deformed 9 mm bullet obtained in 1:50 scale for determination of transformation coefficients.

Weapon Identification on Traces on the Deformed Bullets

n work classification of the basic types of deformations of the bullets caused by blow about a strong barrier is considered. Deformations at which traces on the shot bullets can be recognized restrictedly by suitable to identification are defined. The algorithm of comparative research of traces on the deformed bullets is offered at weapon identification.