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государственная власть

Some reflections on the 20th anniversary of the Federal Law “On the General Principles of the Organization of Local Self-Government in the Russian Federation”

Introduction. Legal regulation in the fi eld of local self-government has been carried out by the key Federal Law “On the General Principles of the Organization of Local Self-Government in the Russian Federation" for twenty years. It is periodically criticized due to numerous adjustments, and, after the 2020 amendments to the Russian Constitution, its “resignation” was already predicted. However, the bill prepared to replace it did not stand up to criticism and died out in the State Duma.

Global Informatization as the Content and Means of Realization of External Functions of the State

Introduction. A significant part of the research phenomena of social life, including the state-legal sphere, contains an appeal to the effects of globalization processes on the course of their development, determining positive effects, as well as the conditions and means of minimizing negative effects. Informatization, being global in nature condition for the functioning of modern society, has an impact on the scope of implementation of the external functions of the state both within the country and in the international arena.

Law Policy for Decentralization of State Authority

The author analyses the questions of legal policy of different levels in the frames of urgent process of decentralization of state power. Regional and municipal forms of legal policy, their concept, principles of forming, aims, goals and content are the main object of research. The author came to the conclusion that the process of decentralization of state governing will be connected with the fact that separate legal policy will be needed on the regional and municipal levels.

Development of Some Aspects of Political and Legal Conceptions of Power in Europe

The article focuses on the concept of power in various doctrines of European countries and its functioning within the doctrines before the concept of institution of state based on the rule of law emerged.