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государственно-частное партнерство

Evolution of the Public-Private Partnership in a Modern Russian Economy

The article touches upon the peculiarities in the formation of the private enterprise, development of its relations with the state, basic laws and tendencies of the social and economic development in Russia that influenced the evolution of the public-private partnership. 

Development of Forms of Public-Private Partnership in Economy of Russia

In the article the characteristic, classifications and spheres of primary application of forms of public-private partnership is presented. Practical realization of forms of public-private partnership in economy of Russia, and also the basic problems of their dynamical development is considered.

Essence and Problems of Development Projects Public-private Partnership

Introduction. Public-private partnership is one of the most effective mechanisms for effective development of market economy in order to attract capital resources and the private sector to finance the public sector, the implementation of major infrastructure projects, introduction of high technologies. Theoretical analysis.

The Development of Public-private Partnership in Netlogistics System of Passenger Transportation Management

Introduction. In recent years, the worldwide trend of establishing effective cooperation between the state and business in the infrastructure sectors (electricity, road, rail, utilities) in the framework of public-private partnership (PPP). A special place in infrastructure is the transport sector, forming the basis of the whole economic system.

Perspectives of Creation Innovative Clusters in the Life Sciences

Introduction. The problems of practical use of discoveries in the sphere of life sciences, especially genomics, attracts the attention of many researchers. This raised the question of innovation cluster creating in the sphere of genomics. Theoretical analysis. The papers examines the questions of possibility and advisability of creating clusters in the field of life sciences. The research is based on foreign experience in network structures creating in the field of life sciences in leading research centers.

Legislation as a factor in the development of public-private partnership in the sphere of information technologies

Introduction. Public-private partnership (PPP) in world practice has established itself as an eff ective tool for interaction between business and government in the implementation of socially signifi cant projects. The state got the opportunity to attract a private investor to solve strategic problems of social development. Information technology (IT) is no exception.

Public Private Partnership: Financial Support of Regional Economic Development

The paper discusses the theoretical and methodological issues related to the application and the financing of public-private partnership. The economic nature of public-private partnership is opened, standard and legal bases of cooperation of the state and business are investigated; definition of concept of public-private partnership is offered; forms are allocated and the tools of financing of PPP projects are defined.

Directions of Development of Innovation Investing in Public-Private Partnership

The article defines the key areas to address innovation in investment projects of public-private partnerships and the development of its mechanisms of state support, the legal framework, organizational and economic mechanism, financial instruments and staffing.

Рublic‑Private Partnership as the Important of Innovative Development of the Russian Economy

In article necessity of effective partnership of the state and private business in the conditions of formation of the Russian innovative sys‑ tem is considered. Its perspective directions in construction of socially focused market economy of innovative type are revealed.

International Experience of Public-Private Partnerships for Development Investment of Innovation

The review of international experience organizing public-private partnerships in the development of investment processes of innovation are made in this article. It focuses on key trends in this area, analyzed the basic tools and support mechanisms for innovation in PPP projects in developed countries and their actual using in Russia, stated the key areas of decision development problems of public-private partnership in the area of innovation.