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Actuality of the Study of Economic Safety of the Enterprise in the Face of Global Economic Instability

Introduction. The theme of economic security is of increasing importance, the very dynamic, contradictory trends and developments in the modern world. Theoretical analysis. The problem of global economic security for our country. The global financial crisis raises the issue of the formation of a new concept of economic security that guarantees the independence of the country and its stability, improving the quality of life of the people, the development of science and technology.

Constitutional Regulation of Economic Relations in Foreign Countries: History and Modernity

Introduction. The constitutional regulation is considered as an impact of a constitution on the most essential aspects of life in society. Singling out common features of the constitutional regulation, “generations of constitutions” does not resolve an issue of existence of the common and special features in formulation of the principles of functioning of various systems, including economic relations, in constitutions of various periods. Theoretical analysis.

Concept and Declaratory of the Constitutional Law of Person for Enterprise According to Russian and German Constitutional Law

The article is devoted to the comparative law research of concept and declaratory of the constitutional law of person for enterprise according to Russian and German constitutional law. The author analyzes and compares the notion and content of this law, which has revealed its peculiarities according to other constitutional laws, embodied in Constitution of Russian Federation and in main law of Federal Republic of Germany.

About Crime in the Sphere of Entrepreneurial Activity and Some of Measures for its Prevention

This article introduces criminological aspects of crime and the existence in the sphere of entrepreneurial activity and discusses some of the measures for its prevention. 

Innovative Activity аs Legal Institution

In article modern problems of legal regulation of innovative activity in the Russian Federation are considered. The author proves the position according to which there are all necessary theoretical preconditions considering innovative activity as interbranch institution of the Russian law.

E-commerce using blockchain technologies

Introduction. The article analyzes the practice of using blockchain technologies for commercial activities in the Russian Federation. Currently, in the Russian Federation, two main directions of such commerce can be distinguished: conclusion and execution of smart contracts; implementation of transactions with cryptocurrencies. Theoretical analysis. Nowadays, the Russian legislation hardly regulates the conclusion of smart contracts.