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правовое регулирование

Promoting business ethics in Russia: Legal framework

Introduction. In the context of the significance of the development of the Russian economy, the culture of business communications of business entities is of particular importance. Its enhancement and stimulation are supported in every possible way by the state, and popularization of entrepreneurship and formation of a positive image of the entrepreneur among the population become the most important area of activity in achieving state goals and objectives.

Information systems as a tool for regulating public relations: Analysis of Russian and world practice

Introduction. The practice of public administration in the Russian Federation is largely based on the implementation and use of public information systems in all areas. Such information systems become a tool for influencing public relations, firstly, acting as a continuation of legal norms, secondly, replacing the actual norms of law in rare individual cases and, finally, acting as a means of certifying and qualifying legal facts. Theoretical analysis.

Innovative Activity аs Legal Institution

In article modern problems of legal regulation of innovative activity in the Russian Federation are considered. The author proves the position according to which there are all necessary theoretical preconditions considering innovative activity as interbranch institution of the Russian law.