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Information and Communication Culture as a Condition for the Realization of Some Rights of Citizens (the Case Study of Procedural Legislation)

Introduction. The article is devoted to the analysis of the significance of the level of development of information and communication culture of citizens for the exercise of their rights in the trial. The internetization and digitalization that have taken over the world make us take a fresh look at the need to comprehend the level of formation of the information and communication culture in the law-making process.

Content and forms of participation of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation in lawmaking

Introduction. The judicial constitutional review authorities ensure the supremacy and direct application of the constitutions. They also participates in lawmaking activities. Constitutional review authorities can participate in lawmaking activities directly or circumstantially. There are two kinds of the direct participation of such authorities in lawmaking activities: legislative initiative and participation in lawmaking activities in connection with the implementation of the constitutional review.

Law Policy for Decentralization of State Authority

The author analyses the questions of legal policy of different levels in the frames of urgent process of decentralization of state power. Regional and municipal forms of legal policy, their concept, principles of forming, aims, goals and content are the main object of research. The author came to the conclusion that the process of decentralization of state governing will be connected with the fact that separate legal policy will be needed on the regional and municipal levels.

On the Concept of Rulemaking

In the paper we analyze the concept of rulemaking in ХХ-th and ХХI-th centuries, and influence of various factors on it in the context of relations between the law and law formation.