Values in a Socio-economic Science

In this article the author considers the necessity of formation of the modern paradigm of the economical theory on the basis of the values, which are suitable to the development of Russian economic model. 

Teoretical and Metodological Approaches to Research of Social & Economical Spatial Heterogeneity in the Region

The research problems of intra regional heterogeneity of social and economic development are discussed in this article. Existing theoretical and methodological approaches to definition of regional economic space are generalized. The key role of municipalities in smoothing of spatial heterogeneity of social and economical regional development is designated.

Management of Innovative Risks in Agrarian and Industrial Complex

The author’s approach to a problem of management by innovative risks in agrarian and industrial complex is developed. Classification of risks of innovative projects in agrarian and industrial complex is presented, actions for risk management at stages of development and implementation of the innovative project Are offered. The directions of formation of a control system by risks of innovative projects in agrarian and industrial complex depending on stages risk – the management, representing algorithm of consecutive actions from risk identification before control of efficiency of carried-out actions are developed.

Economical Integration and Economical Growth: Interconnection and Interdependence of Processes

The article analyses the influence of integration on the economical growth and development of national economy, considers the interconnection of the system integration and sustained growth of economy. The article raises the problem of forming a highly functional structure of the Russian economy.

Problems of Development and Regulation of the Securities Market in the Countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The article studies the main indicators of the securities market in the countries with transition economy, comparative analysis of the securities market performance in the countries with transition economy and developed markets is made, identifying key issues and suggesting ways for the securities market development.

Problems of Formation and Realization of Financial Policy in Russia

The article is devoted to research of problems of formation of financial policy in the conditions of world crisis, and also features of its realization in the Russian Federation as most important factor of stabilization of economy.

The Directions of Market Power Expansion in Modern Economy

This article is devoted to the analysis of market authority expansion in modern economy. The article examines the processes of innovative diversification, reasons, forms, the special features of their demonstration on the modern stage of economic development, analyzing the integrative business relations in modern economy

The Role of the State in the Provision of Economic Safety of a Personality

The paper considers the role of the state in the provision of economic safety of a personality. It is tried to define the term «socio-economic policy» in detail. Special attention is paid to the issue of the place and role of the state in protection of the economic interests of the country on the whole and each person in particular.

Risks of Global Economy

The problem of the globalization of risks is examined in this article. The author considers one of the global risks is migratory risks. In the article the author analyses the migratory risks and their influence on global economy.

Improvement оf State Intervention in the Implementation of the Differentiating Features of the Market and Sanitize

The article deals with the direction of state intervention in the differentiating features of the market and sanitize. Suggest a model of such an intervention and measures to its.