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Demonstration of Fictitious in Intelligent Goods at the Economy Knowledge

Introduction.Changes in the economic system at the present stage first of all are bound to the changes imposed to the workforce. Currently, the intellectual work, which is characterized by cognition becomes more significant in industrial sector. In this connection, the importance of increased intangible goods, one of which is an intellectual goods run high. The intelligent goods have specific properties, one of which is fictitious. Theoretical analysis. The article contains various definitions of what «knowledge» and «information» are.

Educational Benefit as an Intelligent Good

Introduction. Education is a complex process aimed at forming intellectual potential of both the individual and the nation as a whole. The quality of knowledge, namely the level of education of a person, his ability to create and develop a new knowledge, which subsequently create new products, technology, ie expand and reproduce the national wealth. Therefore, an educational service should be regarded as an intellectual one. Theoretical analysis.