Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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nfluence of Level of the Income of the Population on Development of the Manpower of the Region

Introduction. Important indicators of level of living of the population of the region is the income. Relevance of research is caused by that now unevenness of income distribution of the population of the region is great. Methods. In this research-level approach, and also methods of comparison, the analysis, generalization and systematization of data were used. Theoretical analysis and discussion of results.

Legal Advantages and Restrictions in System of Regulation of the Labour Relations

Introduction. In modern state and legal and economic conditions as one of the perspective directions of increase of efficiency of employment relationships, eradication of discrimination use not imperative (regulations instructions, restrictions, prohibitions), and residuary rules acts. The regulations benefits assuming establishment for certain subjects of privileges and privileges concern to the last. Theoretical analysis.

The Statistical Analysis of Differentiation of The Post-Soviet Countries During Transformation of Economy

Introduction. Process of transition of fifteen countries of ex-member of the USSR from planned economy to market, was followed by basic changes in political, economic and social life of society. Various approaches to the undertaken reforms, and opposite strategic objectives, cause the distinctions of economies of the Post-Soviet countries observed now. Theoretical analysis.