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nfluence of Level of the Income of the Population on Development of the Manpower of the Region

Introduction. Important indicators of level of living of the population of the region is the income. Relevance of research is caused by that now unevenness of income distribution of the population of the region is great. Methods. In this research-level approach, and also methods of comparison, the analysis, generalization and systematization of data were used. Theoretical analysis and discussion of results.

Constrainsts of Commercialization of Innovations in Russia

Introduction. The nature of Russia’s current economic development encounters restrictions on the commercialization of innovations in the economy, the identification of which was the purpose of the study. In the presented research, the inconsistency of the quality of the structure of the industrial markets of the Russian economy, forming its innovative segment, and the intensity of innovation spread in Russia is presented as the main problem of innovative development. Theoretical analysis.