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Pandemic of Coronavirus as a Factor of Intensification of Development and Implementation of Digital Technologies

Introduction. The COVID-19 pandemic has become one of the largest business and economic shocks in modern history. Although it is difficult to assess the long-term consequences of this phenomenon at the current stage, events have already taken place in the economy that have catalyzed a number of changes. And in particular, these systemic innovations are closely related to the digitalization of technological business processes, which most of the market participants cannot ignore.

Influence of COVID-19 on creative industries

Introduction. This study analyzes the impact of the new COVID-19 coronavirus infection on the creative industries in the Russian Federation, as well as finding solutions to support this area in the context of the pandemic.

Conceptual foundations of the international cooperation effectiveness in the context of the geoeconomic space digital transformations

Introduction. The work is devoted to the formation of new conceptual criteria for the effectiveness of international cooperation in the context of the geo-economic space digital transformations. The introduction spells out the general content of the modern geo-economic space and stipulates the need for a conceptually new approach to determining the effectiveness of interaction in this space. Theoretical analysis reveals the methodology for studying synergetic efficiency, substantiates the parameters of synergistic efficiency. Empirical analysis.

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis on small and medium-sized businesses

Introduction. Throughout the existence of the Russian Federation, its economy is constantly being shaken by crises, and the year 2020 was no exception, when the Covid crisis broke out in the country, as a result of which service enterprises were badly affected. In this regard, we believe that assessing the impact of the current crisis on small and medium-sized businesses, as well as analyzing state support measures, is an urgent and timely task being solved by economic science. Theoretical analysis.