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эконометрическое моделирование


В последние десятилетия во всем мире благополучие населения страны, качество жизни граждан является приоритетным направлением политики государств. Самооценка счастья индивидов может служить определенным индикатором благополучности жизни в стране. В статье рассмотрены основные теоретические концепции, используемые в экономике счастья, на основе которых построены и проанализированы эмпирические модели. Методы. Современный эконометрический аппарат и статистические данные позволяют ответить на вопрос, что делает человека счастливым или несчастливым.

The Econometric Approaches to Estimation of the Population’s Credit Behavior in Russia

Introduction. Crediting of people has a firm position in last decade, but now there is a problem of the granted loans quality. So the study of the credit behavior, its mechanisms and structures is actual question. In article emphasis was placed on the methodological part of the problem, it was examined various statistical and econometric tools to study of the credit behavior. Methods. Using binary choice model determinants of credit behavior were identified, and a typical portrait of average borrower was made.

Stakeholder risk modeling: An econometric analysis experience

Introduction. The article is devoted to the study of stakeholder risks and the possibilities of their assessment. The methodological framework of the study was formed on the basis of the corporate governance theory and its stakeholder model. Theoretical analysis. On the basis of the the Russian-language and English-language publications’ general review, carried out by the authors, it is concluded that there is no clear generally accepted toolkit for assessing stakeholder risk.

Is Russian Man Happy?

Introduction. During the last decades around the world well-being of the population, the quality of life of citizens is a priority direction of the state policy. Self-esteem happiness of individuals may provide some an indicator of prosperous life in the country. The article describes the main theoretical concepts used in the economy of happiness, based on which we produced and analyzed empirical models. Methods. Modern econometric methods and statistical data allow to answer the question what makes a man (un)happy.