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traces on bullets

Сarrying Out of Linear and Angular Measurements of the Second Traces on the Shot Bullets Using Modern Microscopic Equipment

Introduction. Microscopic research methods play an important role in forensic ballistic examination. Theoretical analysis. To carry out the linear and angular measurements of the following fields on the rifling shot bullets used various technical tools and techniques: eyepiece micrometers stereoscopic microscopes, measuring microscopes instrumental, rolling bullets on copy paper, etc. However, these tools do not always allow you to effectively solve the task. Experimental part.

The Concept of Mathematical Model of the Assessment of Uniqueness of Sets of Coinciding Routes in Secondary Traces on the Shot Bullets

Introduction. The model of an assessment of probability of casual combination of sets of routes in secondary traces is considered in article. Development of quantitative criteria of justification of a categorical positive conclusion about criminalistic identity of the compared traces, and also algorithm of formation in the automatic mode of the priority list is the purpose of the conducted research. Theoretical part.

Compensation of Distortions on Digital Images of Traces of the Weapon on the Shot Bullets Caused by Curvature of the Studied Surface

Introduction. The purpose of work is: an assessment of distortions of images of traces on the shot bullets caused by curvature of the studied surface; working off of a technique of compensation of distortions. Theoretical analysis. Nodal point method was selected for the evaluation of image distortion and compensation. The method is based on the principle that each nodal point in the distorted image must comply with clearly known one anchor point to the undistorted image.

Compensation of Distortions of Images of Traces on the Deformed Bullets for their Automated Comparison

Introduction. The purpose of work is: a research of ability of compensation of distortions caused by deformation of bullets. Theoretical analysis. In work examined bullets with deformation in the type of local annular expansion. This type of deformation is basis for compensation of complex distortions. Nodal point method selected for the evaluation of image distortion and compensation. Model experiment. Model of deformed 9 mm bullet obtained in 1:50 scale for determination of transformation coefficients.

Weapon Identification on Traces on the Deformed Bullets

n work classification of the basic types of deformations of the bullets caused by blow about a strong barrier is considered. Deformations at which traces on the shot bullets can be recognized restrictedly by suitable to identification are defined. The algorithm of comparative research of traces on the deformed bullets is offered at weapon identification.