Izvestiya of Saratov University.
ISSN 1994-2540 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1956 (Online)

traces of the firing pin

Allocation of Individual Attributes on Digital Images of the Firing Pin Traces

Introduction. Automated ballistic identification systems allow automation of inspections by array firing pin traces containing thousands of similar objects. However, sometimes the system allow «mistakes», ie can not find ‘doubles’ trail in database. In addition, quite often «doubles» trail of test array is placed on the priority list is far from its beginning.

Problems of the Firearm Identification

This paper investigates the problem of identification of weapons in the traces of the firing pin on the primer with the marks of the production mechanisms, which were formed during the manufacture of ammunition. The studies used cartridges manufactured in Russia 9 Ч 19 mm with marking LVE LUGER.