Contemporary Problems of Economic Security of Russian Regions

 In the conditions of reforming of Russian economy when the change of governing system takes at times rather difficult forms, a special attention should be drawn to the problem of economic security of Russian regions. The article studies the interrelations of the notions «economic security», «economic security of the regions» and «regional crisis situation». Theoretical analysis. The article contains the comparative analysis of crisis situations valuation methods applied at the federal and regional levels. There have been revealed zones of threats to the economic security in resources of strategic focus. The crisis condition of economy and social sphere of regions is formed under the influence of specific manifestations of the following phenomena and processes, able to cause the threats to the national (first economic) security of Russia. The author suggests at the studying of impact character of regional factors of destabilization on the national and economic security of the country, to assess the structural changes in the regional economy not only from the viewpoint of the current market condition but taking into account long-term economic advantages of a certain territory in the whole system of territorial division of labor. Discussion of results. Market transformations without state interference and support of regions of different types, without coordination and regulation in the state interests will lead to the strengthening of disintegrated tendencies, diminish the security of the state and restrict the rights of our citizens. 

Strategic Aspects of Economic Security in the New Wave of Crisis

Introduction. This article formed the methodological approaches and the basis of the definition of economic security strategy for socio-economic systems, enterprises and organizations. Theoretical analysis. The basic directions of formation of economic security of business entities and the conditions of its implementation strategy, the necessity of inclusion in the strategy of economic security such an important component, as the property safety of enterprises and organizations. Empirical analysis. «Top» consider the practical cases to ensure the economic and property safety of functioning of industrial enterprises on the initiative. Results. It is proved that without respect for the enterprises action model, due to the need to ensure economic security, a new wave of crisis, they are waiting for a deterioration in the financial condition and missed opportunities.