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Development of Innovative Business and its Clustering in the Conditions of Globalization

Introduction. Modern economy in the context of growing globalization needs in forming effective innovative mechanisms and functional models of innovation development. Theoretical analysis. Globalization as a process covering all areas of social development has a strong influence on innovation policy, until its strategic aims, directions and mechanisms of implementation. One of the challenges of globalization becomes an innovative development of States.

Further Discussion about the Purpose of the Law According to the Views of R. Ihering

Introduction. The eminent German jurist Rudolf von Ihering is the founder of the realistic doctrine of law and the state, the essence of which is to find a balance between “broad” legal thinking and normative. Therefore, the urgency and practical significance of the realistic theory of law, which at the present stage needs continuity and reproduction in the context of the study of the “goal” in law as a phylosophical-legal category, is not accidental. Purpose.