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Administrative Justice and Administrative Judicial Proceedings in the Russian Federation

Introduction. Development of administrative law is one of the most controversial question in the Russian Federation. Over the past decade administrative legal relations and statutory acts were changed. One of the main innovation is the Code of administrative judicial proceedings. However insufficient development of the administrative theory leads to theoretical confusion. Concepts such as «administrative justice» and «administrative judicial proceedings» became a competitors. Some scientists think the concepts are the same, but other scientists think the main for administrative process is the administrative judicial proceedings. Purpose. The main purpose consists in analyzing two concepts: «administrative justice» and « administrative judicial proceedings», consideration of administrative justice models on the examples of a European countries and identification of the development of administrative process in Russia. Results. After the adoption of Code of administrative judicial proceedings is formed new branch of law – administrative process. Administrative judicial proceedings as a kind of administrative process come to replace the «quasi-justice». Conclusion. The author concludes that introduction of significance of the administrative process as a branch of law and about administrative judicial proceedings as a form of administrative process. Specialization of administrative justice is characterize For European countries. The current system of justice must competent international standards of justice. Then it will be possible to make a decision on the need of specialized courts.