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Management of Employment: the Role of Small Business in Achieving Effective Employment Region

Introduction. In the contemporary world the question of employment’s effectiveness is becoming more important. For the state not only issues of providing jobs for the economically active population arises, but also issues of effective work organization. Moreover, effective work process should be organized for all subjects involved in it. Theoretical background of the research. This study explores the researcher’s views on various questions of effective employment, offers author’s definition of full employment at the regional level. The performance indicators of employment are introduced. Description and results of the research. To achieve a high level of effective employment are encouraged to use such factors as the development of small business in the regions. The development of small business in the regions is proposed for use as a factor of achievement a level of effective employment. The article analyzes the impact of small businesses on the performance indicators of employment. Conclusions. Small business sector has a number of socially important functions, as well as an effective mechanism for achieving effective employment of the population of the region. However, for the successful implementation of all these features actively promotion of employment in small business in the regions is nesessary. To do this, you must create a comprehensive system of state support of small business in the regions.