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risk management

Property and non-property risks in the Russian corporate governance system

Introduction. Corporations today are the basis of any state’s economy, and within the framework of corporate governance, key strategic decisions are made that determine the fate of corporations. Accordingly, the problem of corporate governance risk management is one of the key economic problems, as it affects the interests of not only the participants of corporate relations, but also a huge number of economic agents. Theoretical analysis.

Risks of Commercial Banks: the Regional Aspect of the Example Saratov Region

Introduction. Modern Russian banking system is going through a difficult period of reform and global change. Status of the Russian banking system reflects the general state of the economy and the financial sector of the country and the world. It is characterized by low immunity to numerous, including systemic risk, low maneuverability in a high level of uncertainty. All these factors reduce the functional capacity of the Russian banking system as a whole. Theoretical analysis.

Organization of Regulatory Risk Management in Commercial Bank

Introduction. The absence of Russian corporate practice on the formation of a unified concept of internal control of commercial bank and methodological support of regulatory risk management process determines the relevance of the theory and methodology of approaches to the organization of internal control and management of regulatory risk in a business bank. Theoretical analysis.

Management of Innovative Risks in Agrarian and Industrial Complex

The author’s approach to a problem of management by innovative risks in agrarian and industrial complex is developed. Classification of risks of innovative projects in agrarian and industrial complex is presented, actions for risk management at stages of development and implementation of the innovative project Are offered.