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The Types of Legal Regulation of Public Control in the Russian Federation

Introduction. The article analyzes the peculiarities of the legal regulation of certain types of social control in the Russian Federation.

Purpose. The main objective of the work is to study the legal basis for the classification of public control depending on the scope of its implementation and to identify problematic aspects of allocation of the individual species.

Results. The author analyzes the Russian regulatory framework governing the peculiarities of social control, the basic problem of the legal classification of the activity, depending on the scope of its implementation. The analysis of the ratio of regulatory foundations of social control and the real diversity of legislation in this area. Adoption of the law, securing the foundations of social control in Russia has given rise to a number of problematic aspects of law within the scope of the implementation of this institution that, as a result, may lead to the formation of conflict situations in the course of its enforcement. There is a need for the regulatory details of individual elements of social control, starting with the definition and ending with its structural and functional component.

Conclusion. The author concludes that public control is universal and covers virtually all areas of public relations. However, the current legislation, fixing the foundations of social control, does not account for this factor, limiting the scope of its implementation and regulation.