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Principles of Levelling of Negative Consequences of Influence of Risks on Efficiency of Projects of Corporate Merges and Absorption

Introduction. Risk management of merges and absorption possibly through impact on the system generating them. It caused need of research of properties of space of corporate integration as a complicated open system for formation of understanding about the nature of these risks, a choice of the effective instrument of management of them for the purpose of stimulation of efficiency of strategic corporate integration.

Family law principles

The review provides an overview of the main conclusions and arguments given in the monograph by A. Ya. Ryzhenkov. The classification of the principles of family law and the mechanism of their implementation is highly appreciated. It is noted that the doctrinal principles of family law proposed by the author may be of interest to the legislator when expanding the list of principles – the main ideas of family law in the future.

Constitutional regulation of economic policy in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

Introduction. Economic policy is one of the most important components of foreign and domestic policy. The constitutional foundations of the country’s economy create the legal basis for the organization of economic activity. Theoretical analysis. Economic policy is defined as the legitimate activities of state bodies aimed at achieving the welfare of the state and society and establishing stable economic growth, carried out in accordance with the constitutional principles of the economic system. Empirical analysis.

Legal State and State Compulsion

The article analyzes the problems of state compulsion in a legal state as the primary method of control. The author, using the historical method, demonstrates the practical application of compulsion in the Russian state. Indicated that, in the modern state compulsory measures can be used in several guises. In particular, as a means of overcoming social conflict and the fight against terrorism. There are several arguments justifying the need for compulsion in the modern legal state.