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Post-Soviet countries

Comparative statistical analysis of industrial development in post-Soviet countries for the period 1990–2021

Introduction. Despite the transition of economic systems to a digital economy, today industry is a driver of the development of the economy of any country, and accordingly, consideration of the development peculiarities of this sphere in post-Soviet countries is of scientific interest. Hence, the purpose of the study is to analyze the industry development dynamics in the post-Soviet countries in the period of 1990–2021. Materials and methods.

Econometric Modelling of Influence of Factors on GDP of the Post-Soviet Countries

Introduction. The processes proceeding in turbulent economy demand continuous monitoring and the analysis, it is possible to refer to those safely formation of gross domestic product in the Post-Soviet countries.

The Statistical Analysis of Differentiation of The Post-Soviet Countries During Transformation of Economy

Introduction. Process of transition of fifteen countries of ex-member of the USSR from planned economy to market, was followed by basic changes in political, economic and social life of society. Various approaches to the undertaken reforms, and opposite strategic objectives, cause the distinctions of economies of the Post-Soviet countries observed now. Theoretical analysis.