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political parties

Purposes and Principals of Political Parties Activity in Sphere of Participation in Government

Introduction. The article is dedicated to actual problem of analyze of purposes and principals of political parties activity in sphere of participation in government. Purpos. Main point of article is to analyze juridical purposes of political parties activity and basic principals of political parties activity in Russia and to analyze of correlation purposes and principals. Results.

The Participation of Citizens in Managing the Affairs of the State Through the Activity of Political Parties at the Local Level

Introduction. The article is dedicated to analyze questions and opportunities of participation of citizens in managing the affairs of the state through the activity of political parties at the local level. Object. The main point of the article is to analyze a regulatory framework of improving political parties’ activity at the local level ensuring the realization citizens’ rights of the participation in managing the affairs of the state. Results.

Legal Problems of Interaction between the State and Political Parties in Modern Russia

Introduction. The article substantiates the judgment about the lack of regulation of the issue of interaction between the state and political parties: the law stipulates neither the principles nor the form, nor the order, nor the sphere of interaction of political parties with the state. There is no mechanism for taking into account and implementing the recommendations and proposals of political parties in the state management sphere, which makes it impossible for political parties to have a real impact on state policy.

Social movements in the Russian Federation and their participation in elections: Current state and prospects of development

Introduction. The socio-political sphere of the state is the foundation of its democratic development and a prerequisite for longterm state-building. The history of the development of the Russian state testifies to the absence of traditions of the formation of democratic institutions and their development. Social movements in the modern state are the mainstay of the development of the country’s political system and the prerequisite for the formation of new political parties.