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objects of cultural heritage

Existence`s Institutional Factor of Objects Cultural Heritage as One of the Type Public Goods

Introduction. Maintaining specific type of public goods in the form of cultural heritage property appears to be not only a social and cultural, but also economic problem. This problem is associated with the growth of government spending on the protection and conservation-restoration of cultural heritage objects and the evaluation of the effectiveness of public spending. By supporting these kind of goods, the national identity of economic agents can be provided, strengthening Russia’s national security. Theoretical analysis.

Effective Management of Cultural Heritage Objects as Development Factor of Saratov Region

Introduction.The urgency determines the need to find new sources of the regional economy growth, one of which could be the development of cultural and historical environment of the region. Highly developed cultural and historical environment will increase the interest in the Saratov region for tourists from other regions of Russia, which ultimately have a positive impact on the Saratov region`s economy. Theoretical analysis.