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Contradictions of the migration relations system: Research methodology

Introduction. Modern conditions in the sphere of international relations are characterized by the growth of global instability, confrontation and competition of world powers, the conduct of hostilities during the special military operation in Ukraine caused by the need to protect the national and state interests of Russia. In the sphere of migration relations for Russia, these conditions are reflected both in the mass “anti-war” emigration from Russia and in the large-scale influx of refugees from the war-torn territories of Ukraine.

“Loyalty agreement” as a novelty of Russian migration legislation

Introduction. The Russian Federation is in constant search for new mechanisms to improve the efficiency of the state migration policy. At the same time, the liberalization of migration legislation was chosen as the main vector of transformations, while unconditionally ensuring public safety and observance of national interests. “Loyalty agreement” is a novelty designed to try out the state, public and individual interests of the subjects of migration relations. Theoretical analysis.