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legal liability

On special land and legal liability

The paper discusses the legal nature of the responsibility for land offenses under the Land Code of Russian Federation. On the basis of criteria of resolving legal responsibility into a particular form, a thesis of there being a special form of land and legal responsibility is examined, scholars’ opinions on the subject are cited, the author’s position is formulated and justified.

Public Service Announcement and Propaganda: Multiplicities of Legal Regulation

Introduction. The problem of protecting the population from the negative information environment and information security very acute at the present time in modern Russian society. A large amount of information we collect is of a destructive nature and forms of antisocial, marginal behavior, and therefore we need to search for actual information dialog, which would be implemented within the legal field. There are many forms of information interaction between government, society and citizens. Some of these forms are advertising and propaganda. Methods.

Financial and Legal Responsibility in Customs Sphere

Introduction. The customs sphere is characterized by the use of administrative, criminal, civil, disciplinary, financial responsibility. However, the issue of recognizing the financial and legal as a separate type of legal liability is still debatable. Purpose. The main goal is to analyze the problem of the existence of financial and legal responsibility in Russian law as a whole, as well as in the field of customs. Results. In the Russian customs legislation distinguished sanction, bearing a distinct financial and legal nature.

Conceptual approach to the classification and certification of robots and complex automated information systems

Introduction. The development and spread of robots, artificial intelligence systems and complex automated information systems are associated with the problem of causing harm by their decisions and actions, as well as the problem of legal liability for this harm. Theoretical analysis. One of the main functions of legal liability is general and private prevention. When applied to robots, it requires them to be reprogrammed, retrained, or eliminated.