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ISSN 1994-2540 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1956 (Online)


Peculiarities of the Present Stage of Realizing the Strategy of Import Substitution in the Agro-food Complex

Introduction. Strategic management of competitiveness is especially actual in the conditions of globalization, uncertainty of environment, changing the conjuncture of the world food market. The paper explores the conditions and factors of the present stage of import substitution in the agro-food complex.

Theoretical analysis. The paper shows the results and areas of studying the strategy of import substitution in the agro-food complex, the mechanisms of its support, and substantiates the short-term and long-term priorities. 

Importance of the Decisions of the Constitutional Court RF and Federal Constitutional Court FRG for Realization of the Constitutional Right on Free Occupation by Business Activity

One of the facilities of the improvement of the legal regulation to business activity emerges constitutional истолкование rates of the laws. In given article is presented theoretical understanding of importances of the decisions of the Constitutional court RF and Federal Constitutional court FRG for realization of the constitutional right on free occupation of business activity. Results.

Concept and Declaratory of the Constitutional Law of Person for Enterprise According to Russian and German Constitutional Law

The article is devoted to the comparative law research of concept and declaratory of the constitutional law of person for enterprise according to Russian and German constitutional law. The author analyzes and compares the notion and content of this law, which has revealed its peculiarities according to other constitutional laws, embodied in Constitution of Russian Federation and in main law of Federal Republic of Germany.