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Modern Methods of Venture Investment High-end Technology Innovative Companies: Foreign Experience

Introduction. Analysis of foreign experience in the implementation and application of methods, models, tools and venture-capital schemes sophisticated hi-tech innovative enterprises are better implemented at the example of Western Europe and the United States. Venture capital industry in these countries are used to analyze because it is currently the most advanced in relation to the venture capital investment in other countries. Theoretical analysis. As a subject of study chosen model of venture investment knowledge-intensive high-tech enterprises. Generalizing, evaluate and analyze the experience of high-end technology venture investment companies in the United States and Great Britain we formed more than ten relevant methods of investing. Results. In the field of high-end technology venture investment enterprises are a large number of different methods, models and forms of organization of the process of venture investment. Each model of venture investment enterprises high-end technology has its own characteristics and traits that explain the possibilities and limitations of their use in the financing of projects to create a knowledge-based vysokotehnological hi-tech products. The European system of high-tech venture capital investment in high-tech enterprises differs greatly from the construction of the American type. This is due to differences in legislation and legal acts, the difference of the general scheme of movement of investment and financial flows. However, despite the distinctive features and characteristics presented methods and models of high-end technology venture investment enterprises, they may be included in the general scheme of the process of organizing the venture capital industry, which aims to fund innovative industries of high technology products that are heavily dependent on the avail- ability of venture capital and its sources.