innovation and investment projects

Creation of the Estimated Control System Innovative and Investment Projects on the Basis of Imitating Modelling

Transformational changes taking place in the global
economy, demand better management of investment processes in
the enterprise, advance planning of possible changes in the internal
and external environment and timely adaptation to changing conditions
in accordance with the objectives of the enterprise. Relevance
of the problem considered in article is explained by it. Instruments
of research. Appraisal of the project progresses, usually carried
out under conditions of uncertainty, known or implicit dependencies
integrated indicators on the parameters influencing factors. Indicators
of integral evaluation of the project can be calculated from the use of
IP-deterministic approach, using of functional dependencies. Results.
Using a simulation model allows the assessment of the promotion of the
project and to efficiently manage this process. Testing of the simulation
model evaluation system implementation of innovation and investment
projects carried out on the basis of the draft 101-apartment house in
the town of Saratov. The advantage of this model is the ability to control
its use and regulators of promotion of the project. Use of imitating
model allows to make an assessment of the course of promotion of
the project and quickly to operate this process. Ensuring compromise
simplify the presentation of complex processes and adequate display of
economic phenomena is possible by the development of a simulation
model that uses heuristic techniques allow to design an evaluation
mechanism to analyze and optimize the management of innovation
and investment projects in housing construction.