individual investment account

Financial and Legal Basics of Individual Investment Accounts: the Experience of Developed Countries and Prospects in Russia

Introduction. The article is devoted to new Russian financial instrument – individual investment accounts (IIAs), which is widespread in developed countries. Active participation in operations on the stock market is an indicator of its maturity, providing the transformation of individual savings into an economy needs investment. Theoretical analysis. The explores the use of IIAs in the US and the UK. The experience of these countries for Russia not only because the economy receives a «long money», but many families invest in these tools in order to obtain a higher return than on Bank deposits. Important tax benefits for a certain amount of fees at IIAs. Conclusions. The result of this study was to identify the need to create in the Russian Agency on insurance of investments in IIAs, and to consider the extent of investment risk factors must be used. The conclusion about the possibility to renegotiate the terms of the annual contributions of IIAs is to provide the right to transfer fees for next year, and in exceptional cases – to use part of the IIAs.