health financing system

Features Financial Management in Various Models Health

Introduction. The health status of the population is directly dependent on the efficiency of the health system, and is a factor of national security. Theoretical analysis. The article examines the dependence of the organization of health and especially financing. Substantiated that one of the reasons that hinder solving problems of Russian health care is an imperfect mechanism for single stream of funding and limited budget system. In this regard, there was a need to consider foreign models of health care financing. Revealed features models of health UK and US led to the conclusion of the positive and negative aspects of their operation and to consider the use of positive foreign experience for modernization of the Russian model of health care. Discussion of results. The result of the study was to identify the problems of selected features of the management and financing of health care in the existing models, the analysis of the current health care system and Russia consideration the feasibility of a positive experience of the organization of health systems and market type of budget within the Russian model of health.