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Practice as a Compulsory Element of the Educational Process at University: the Problems of Normative Support

Introduction. This article discusses the topical questions which are connected with the organization and practice in the educational organization of higher education. The article focuses on problematic issues of normative support of the practice as a compulsory element of the educational process in Higher Education Institution. Purpose. The main goal of the article is to study student practice in Higher Education Institution from the point of view of the analysis of normative regulation of its content and results. Results. The authors analyzed the normative legal base in Russia regulating the characteristics of the organization and conduct of practice at University, peculiarities of practical training of students in local acts of some educational institutions of higher education.The article shows the correlation of normative regulation at the federal level and the level of local acts of universities, authors highlighted the main directions of their inconsistency. Conclusion. The authors come to conclusion that the system of Russian higher education has some problems. These problems are caused by the contradiction between the current federal regulatory framework in the sphere of the organization and conduct of practices in the educational institutions of higher education and the level of legal regulation of this element of the educational process in local acts of universities.