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firearm identification

Use of the Cluster Analysis to Compare the Digital Images Traces of the Firing Pin

Introduction. One of the most important tasks of forensic ballistics examination is the identification of weapons from marks of the striker. This problem is usually associated with the searching for matching traces from cartridge case repository. Ballistic identification systems (such as POISC, TAIS, Condor, Arsenal and others) are used to help expert in such task. All of them use automatic algorithms for searching matching traces based on the calculation of the cross- correlation function.

Influence of Inhomogeneities of the Surface of Caps on Variability of Static Firing Pin Traces

Introduction. One of the reasons for the variability of the firing pin traces is the gross inhomogeneity present on the surface of the capsules. The main types of not uniformity characteristic of a cap surface, and also their display in static traces are quickly investigated in this work. Experimental part. The surfaces of capsules of various cartridges of domestic and foreign production, as well as capsules “Zhevello” for hunting cartridges, were examined. The main types of inhomogeneities of the capsule surface are analyzed and classified.