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Eurasian Economic Union

Legal regulation of the integration of the EAEU digital space

Introduction. In the whole world, all countries are involved to varying degrees in the process of digital transformation of the national economy. There is a global trend towards the use of the processes based on digital solutions. In addition, there are significant opportunities for the emergence of integration processes. Digital integration has an impact on international cooperation. The economic integration of countries becomes impossible without the digitalization of economic systems, legal frameworks, and technologies.

The Current State and Problems of the Labor Market in the EAEC Countries

Introduction. The labor market is a fundamental factor in the economy of any country, and the functioning of the national economy depends on its dynamics and condition. A review article on the labor market of the EAEU countries. Empirical analysis.

Concept and Content of Customs Administration in the Eurasian Economic Union

Introduction. Modern realities require that customs authorities should improve the quality of customs administration. However, despite the wide use of this concept, its content is still not clearly defined either at the level of legislation or in the scientific literature. Purpose. The main goal of the work is to study the concept and content of customs administration, which is especially important in the context of the functioning of the Eurasian Economic Union.