economic safety

The Role of the State in the Provision of Economic Safety of a Personality

The paper considers the role of the state in the provision of economic safety of a personality. It is tried to define the term «socio-economic policy» in detail. Special attention is paid to the issue of the place and role of the state in protection of the economic interests of the country on the whole and each person in particular.

Strategic Aspects of Economic Security in the New Wave of Crisis

Introduction. This article formed the methodological approaches and the basis of the definition of economic security strategy for socio-economic systems, enterprises and organizations. Theoretical analysis. The basic directions of formation of economic security of business entities and the conditions of its implementation strategy, the necessity of inclusion in the strategy of economic security such an important component, as the property safety of enterprises and organizations. Empirical analysis. «Top» consider the practical cases to ensure the economic and property safety of functioning of industrial enterprises on the initiative. Results. It is proved that without respect for the enterprises action model, due to the need to ensure economic security, a new wave of crisis, they are waiting for a deterioration in the financial condition and missed opportunities.