economic mechanism

The Modelling of the Economic Mechanism Development of Modern Russian Economy Innovation Sphere

Introduction. The development of the economic mechanism of modern Russian economy innovation sphere directly affects the development of state economy as a whole. The economic tool «modelling » in the economic mechanism development of the economy innovation sphere can have a positive impact on state economy development. Through the development of this tool concerning the economic mechanism development of the economy innovation sphere, it is assumed that a calculation will be made taking into account the impact of subjects of innovative factors on innovative development to determine the state of development when adjusting these factors. The calculation of innovative development is supposed to identify the optimal state and choose the appropriate strategy on the impact of the constituent factors of development on the economic mechanism development of the economy innovation sphere. Thus, a tool is developed to facilitate the planning and forecasting of the state economy development. Theoretical analysis. Modeling of the economic mechanism development of the economy innovation sphere of the Russian Federation demonstrates the level of the state innovation sphere development at present and is a tool that helps to forecast and plan further development. Empirical analysis. The components of the economic mechanism development of the economy innovation sphere are revealed. Based on the identified components, a model for the economic mechanism development of the economy innovation sphere was formed, as well as statistically, by building a model of panel data, the direct influence of groups of subjects of innovation-forming factors on the economic mechanism development of the Russian economy innovation sphere was proved. Results. The components of the variable model are important in explaining the economic mechanism development of the economy innovation sphere. The process the economic mechanism development of the economy innovation sector depends on the innovation process.