digital tourism

The Forms of Tourism Digitalization

Introduction. The article substantiates the relevance of tourism digitalization study. The motives of the tourist market subjects for the use of digital technologies are noted. It is indicated that digitalization is a new form of communication between producers and consumers of tourist services, which becomes a source of competitive advantages of tourist organizations. Theoretical analysis. In addition to the introduction of the concept of “digitalization”, its advantages and possible risks of implementation are discussed. The importance of a new type of employee formation (“digital worker”) is noted, its role in modern organizations is indicated. The importance of economy digitalization in the creation of added value of enterprises in various sectors of the national economy is proved. Empirical analysis. The empirical analysis allows to identify the current forms of tourism digitalization. They include online purchase of tours designed by tour operators, the development of mobile applications useful for the implementation of tourist travel, the digitalization of independent tours by creating so-called schools “Travel for novice tourists”, as well as the development of a single information platform on the Internet for independent tourists. Results. In conclusion, it is noted that in the near future the competitiveness will have those organizations of tourism industry, which will be able to customize their services, thus ensuring a stable flow of customers.