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Formation of the Idea of the Legal State Definition in Russia

In the article the author analyzes the formation problem of the idea of the legal state definition in soviet and till the soviet period and period of reformation in Russia at the modern stage in according to the constitutional definition of Russian state as social and legal one.

The Development of Public-private Partnership in Netlogistics System of Passenger Transportation Management

Introduction. In recent years, the worldwide trend of establishing effective cooperation between the state and business in the infrastructure sectors (electricity, road, rail, utilities) in the framework of public-private partnership (PPP). A special place in infrastructure is the transport sector, forming the basis of the whole economic system.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Freedoms in the Constitutions and Legislation of Foreign States

Introduction. The United Nations and the World Health Organization are completing the formation of an international system of sexual and reproductive rights and freedoms, carrying out the implementation provisions of this system into national law. The ongoing process obeys to a number of general rules, whose analysis is carried out in this article. Object. Universal patterns in the development of sexual and reproductive rights and freedoms, using as illustrations of this development the constitutions and the laws of India, Switzerland and Gabon.

Client Equity for Innovation System in the Meso-level: Regional Aspect

In this paper the role and nature of client capital in the innovation systems in the context of the regional dimension of the problems of development of innovative processes in the meso-level view of the trend «customization». Theoretical approaches to the definition of customer capital, and highlights its features. The notion of client-defined, and the capital of the regional innovation system.