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To the Question of the Legal Status of People

Introduction. Stable development of Russia as a multinational democratic state requires consideration not only of the characteristics of a nation as a historical and cultural community of people living on the same territory, and the determination of its constitutional-legal status as a subject of Vlastnosti. Purpose. The main aim of this work is the justification of the legal personality of the people as the owner of statutory measures of behavior and participant regulated by legal norms of social relations. Results.

Legal Problems of Interaction between the State and Political Parties in Modern Russia

Introduction. The article substantiates the judgment about the lack of regulation of the issue of interaction between the state and political parties: the law stipulates neither the principles nor the form, nor the order, nor the sphere of interaction of political parties with the state. There is no mechanism for taking into account and implementing the recommendations and proposals of political parties in the state management sphere, which makes it impossible for political parties to have a real impact on state policy.

Legal Certainty and Democracy: What the “Constitutional Legislator” Allows

Introduction. The article analyzes the legal certainty of the individual as the stability of the content of fundamental rights and freedoms in the context of democratic processes of reforming the current legislation and the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Theoretical analysis. The article notes that the need for stability of fundamental human rights and freedoms is in some contradiction with their dynamic, evolutionary nature.

Features of Constitutional and Legal Regulation of Public Control in the Soviet System of Public Administration

Introduction. The article of E.V. Berdnikova is devoted to the historical analysis of features of a constitutional and legal regulation of public control in the Soviet system of public administration. Object. The main object of the work is to study the specificity of social control as the constitutional and legal institute of the Soviet legal system. Results. The author analyzes the regulatory framework, which laid the basis for the organization of the system of public control over the activities of public authorities in Soviet Russia.