delegation of authority

Delegation of Authority to the Executive Authorities of the Russian Federation

Introduction. In modern conditions, the Institute of delegation acts as one of the most promising directions of increase of efficiency of the of activity of executive bodies. It promotes decentralization of management, ensures the transfer of authority to the level where they can be most completely implemented. Theoretical analysis. Out of the variety of concepts associated with delegation of authority process, advocated the need for a «delegation of authority» category as a generic term covering all types of delegation. Allocated general and specific principles of delegation within the executive branch. The special includes the principle of «exclusivity» of delegated powers, principle of delegation of «related powers» or branch principle, the principle of control and responsibility of the delegating authority, the principle of transparency, awareness of the subjects of the executive branch of the delegation process. Empirical analysis. The practice of concluding agreements indicates the need to eliminate internal contradictions and harmonization of agreements on the delegation of authority in the system of Executive authorities. Results. Improvement of legal regulation of the process of delegation of authority involves making changes and additions to the Federal law No. 184-FZ and regulations