Concept and Content of Customs Administration in the Eurasian Economic Union

Introduction. Modern realities require that customs authorities should improve the quality of customs administration. However, despite the wide use of this concept, its content is still not clearly defined either at the level of legislation or in the scientific literature. Purpose. The main goal of the work is to study the concept and content of customs administration, which is especially important in the context of the functioning of the Eurasian Economic Union. Results. The study of the institution of customs administration contributes to the correct consolidation of the concept in scientific, reference literature and legislation. Conclusion. Customs administration is considered as the functioning of the management system in the field of customs that helps implement the law enforcement and fiscal functions of customs bodies and increase the reliability and quaulity of customs formalities. Possible ways of improving the institution have been proposed.

The Quality of the Personnel of the Customs Authorities as the Most Important Factor in Ensuring the Quality of Customs Services

Introduction. Human resources development and the formation of the professional staff of the customs authorities is the basis of ensuring the provision of quality public services. Theoretical analysis. In this article the quality of the personnel is considered as the most important factor shaping the quality of services provided by the customs authorities. Discussion of results. On the example of Saratov Customs we can see that customs makes every effort to organize effective management of processes and resources and maximize the benefits of the knowledge and skills of staff, so that the reduction of staff does not have a significant impact on the quality of customs services in the region of Saratov Customs. Key underpinning for solving these problems are the target indicators of the Customs Development Strategy of Russian Federation until 2020.